I love editing pictures of celebrities. I think they're all so beautiful and live a magical lifestyle. Feel free to ask me something, I'll reply. ♥

Frequently Asked Questions

How old are you?
I’m twenty years old.

What do you use to edit your pictures?
I use Photoshop CS4 to edit all of my pictures.

How do you get your images so clear?
I either use Filter > Sharpen on Photoshop or Topaz Clean.

Do you have any tutorials?
I don’t have any tutorials.

Can you share your colourings/pds?
No, I currently am not sharing my colourings.

Where do you get your pictures?
I usually go on celebrity blogging websites, or fan sites.
(justjared, justjaredjr, oceanup, eye prime, celebutopia)

Will you promote my tumblr?
I don’t promote blogs, I have so requests and if I were to post them all, my blog would be constant promotions.

Can we be affiliates?
I currently don’t have an affiliates section, when it’s back, sure!

Can you check out my blog?!
Sure, send me your link!

Can you follow me?
I can’t. Hollywoodinpics is off of my personal, so I can’t follow. Sorry.

What other Tumblrs do you run?

Do you need help running your Tumblr?
No, not currently, I don’t need any help or co-owners. Thank you for asking. :)

What’s your personal blog?

How many followers do you have?
Lots! and I love you all!

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